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Photos_Testimonies_Jimmy Wong_20201026

I have known Susy since I moved to Edmonton, she has been my main source of options and advice for most of my financial planning and investment , over the years we have became a very good friend. Thank you Susy.

Jimmy Wong

Since 1996
Photos_Testimonies_Leticia and Cresendo Benoza_20201026

My husband and I were introduced by my niece to Suzy when we arrived here in Canada in 1995. Since then Suzy has been looking our finances and we have been satisfied with her professionalism and service. She is on hand whenever we need her to discuss the best options for our finances. She always make us feel comfortable and confident knowing that our finances are in safe hands. What impressed us most about Suzy is she is exceptional in giving us in depth insight into our situation and options. Everything is clearly explained and easy to understand.

Leticia & Cresendo Benoza

Since 1995
Photos_Testimonies_Luz and Alex Alvarado_20201026

We are very lucky to met Susy who is my sister's good friend. Me and my husband are very lucky to have her as our financial advisor and she also helped us with our mortgage application from start to end. She is a good person rendering her time until 11:30 at night just to finish the required documentation. She is very patience, friendly and responsible person and what we like her best is that she explained everything in detail until we understand. Thank you Maam Susy and may God bless you more.

Luzviminda & Alexander Alvarado

Since 2020
Photos_Testimonies_Marck and Mayo_20201026

My wife and I met Susy in 2006 when we were just newly comers here in Canada and we have been doing business with her ever since. She has been a great financial advisor/broker and has always been there to help me and my family. Through the years, we did not only deal with her in a professional manner but she has also been a good friend. We are so glad that we met her and became a big part of our lives here in Edmonton. We wish her well and hope that her business continues to grow so she can help more people.

Marck and Maria Mayo

Since 2006
Photos_Testimonies_Feliza Bonita_20201026

We are thrilled that we have Susy as our financial advisor. She is so attentive to details. She works tirelessly to accommodate our needs. She is professional but treats you as her family. She responds to our inquiry as soon as she gets it. What impressed us most about Susy is her dedication, passion, intellect, and knowledge with regards to her work. We highly recommend her.

Feliza Bonita

Since 2015
Photos_Testimonies_Nora B_20201026

We have known Susy some twelve years ago and since then our relationship as client-advisor turned into friendship. She is a good advisor, you can count on her. Whenever you need help, she won’t hesitate to do what she can do just to help you. I would say, Susy is truly someone you can trust. As a matter of fact, even my children trusted her with some of their investments.

Nora Bacolod

Since 2008
Photos_Testimonies_Shirley and Arbee_20201026

Susy Foo, we thank you for all the professional advices you gave us when we’re in need to make important financial decisions. A genuine person who always give us choice & straight forward answers that are easy to understand. She’s the best financial advisor ever!!! Thank you for everything.

Shirley and Arbee Biglang-Awa

Since 2010
Photos_Testimonies_Xi Yang_20201026

Since Susy and I first met in 2009, I've benefited from Susy‘s advice on life insurance plan, RESP and RRSP investments. Susy delivered expert insights and thoughtful financial guidance . With Susy's knowledge, passion and dedication to her work I highly recommend Susy to you who is looking for a professional financial advisor.

Xi Yang

Since Oct, 2020
Photos_Testimonials_Mary Ann & Charles Beaulieu_20201027

She is honest and very thorough. Her attention to detail is quite impressive. We have no headache dealing with her. She treated us like friends not just clients.

Mary Ann & Charles Beaulieu

Since 2007
Clients' Testimonials_Minerva & Ramil Espatero_20201027

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Suzy, She so passionate about her job & most importantly, making the customers happy. I am amazed at how quickly she work & the ideas & come up with you incorporate a system personalized to you & your family needs. Suzy is always so helpful with her emails. Suzy is highly recommended her to anyone wanting to achieve better financial customers...What impressed me most about Suzy is that she was able to help you.

Minerva & Ramil Espatero

Since 2012

We have known Susy for many years from some of our long-term investment. During this time, we are always impressed with her professionalism, kind, sincere personality and friendliness. Recently we were more actively involved in our financial investments. Susy provides us nothing short but excellent customer service. She is very approachable, and that made us comfortable with our dealings with her. From her ability to explain things clearly & patiently in simple terms, she was able to provides us a good understanding on some of the complex financial matters and that made us easier to make sound financial decisions. She is extremely helpful, responded promptly, and always available to assist to our questions. We are very pleased with her and would highly recommend her for your financial needs & advice.

Francis & Veronica Lee

Since 1993

Susy Foo was introduced to me by my daughter as I had a problem with my former insurance. I found Susy Foo very helpful and so knowledgeable that I was able to understand my needs and options! I highly recommend this very accommodating insurance agent Susy Foo, who is ready to help in every way she can!


Since 2010

Susy has been our financial adviser for more than 5 years. She’s amazing at her job. She makes sure that everything is taken care of. She goes above and beyond for her clients. I would highly recommend her and her company!

Maria Lazaro

Since 2015

"We've trusted Susy to advise us on financial matters for over twenty years. Her advice has been honest and we know she always has our best interest at heart."

Heather & Jess McMullin

Since 1995

My husband and I are really satisfied with Susy’s service and work as our Agent and Adviser in our Life Insurance for 26 years. We can really count on her. She’s takes time and very patient and understanding to help us dealing in our insurance concern. I highly recommend her to anyone for financial investment, mortgage and insurance. I like her so much for being friendly, nice and honest person.

Milagros Camerino and Teofilo Camerino

Since 1994

We have known Suzy since 1997. She has responded to our queries, messages without delay. Suzy has been extremely helpful in all aspect (including financial affairs), and we whole heartedly felt that she has been treating us more than a client—more like a close family. We would like to take this opportunity to thank her.

ST Lim and Michelle

Since 1997
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We are thrilled that we have Susy as our financial advisor. She is so attentive to details. She works tirelessly to accommodate our needs. She is professional but treats you as her family. She responds to our inquiry as soon as she gets it. What impressed us most about Susy is her dedication, passion, intellect, and knowledge with regards to her work. We highly recommend her.

Miraguia and Chris Malley

Since 2012
Photos_Testimonials_Jean Dela Cruz_20201027

Susy has been our Life insurance agent for years. She can be trusted and will always look for ways to ensure my family is covered. She will go above and beyond to the deliver the best service. Highly recommended!

Jean Dela Cruz

Since 2007
Clients' Testimonials_Mike & Mariezel Araja_20201028

Susy has always been not just our agent but also a very good long-time family friend now! There’s so many good things to mention about her positive attitude not only towards what she does but also as a real person! She makes sure your family is protected by offering you an honest quote with the best benefit. She sits down with you to understand what you’re signing in and not just get a business. She’s very honest, knowledgeable, hard working and a loving individual. Always ready to help and answer your questions at anytime! She prioritize any issues that needed to be addressed. We couldn’t ask for a better service and agent. Always prompt to give an excellent service! Thank you Susy for all the things that you do.

Mike & Mariezel Araja

Since 2007
Clients' Testimonials_Tara Caranto_20201028

I have known Susy for 16 years. I got life insurance for my family. I also got RESP educational plan for my son. Susy can explain well about these matters. I highly recommend her to anyone. Indeed, she is great as a financial advisor and as a friend

Tala Caranto

Since 2004
Photos_Testimonies_Lucy Smith_20201211

Dear Susy Foo, thank you so much and I sincerely appreciate your exceptional work and help. You provided me with every step to be approved for my Mortgage Application. Your endless emails/text messages making sure that all necessary documents were properly signed and submitted accordingly. It was indeed exhausting, and a tiring process and with your hard work, guidance, patience and believing that we can and we will not to give up without trying. You were able to achieve what you work hard for. HOUSE for my kids and my granddaughter. I would highly and gladly recommend you to any client in the future.

Lucy Smith

Since Aug, 2020

My husband & I are absolutely thankful with Susy's service in regards to our financial affairs. We do appreciate her assistance with regards to our life insurance & educational plans for our children. I could easily reach her anytime & she's very pleasant to talk with. She's very knowledgeable. We are thrilled that we have Susy as our financial advisor. She is so attentive to details. She work's tirelessly to accommodate our needs She is professional but treats you as her family. She responds to our inquiries as soon as she gets it. What impressed us most is her dedication & passion. We highly recommend SUSY


Since 1993